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The Healer's healer

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Back Ground

Marinda grew up near a small town in rural Wisconsin.  She spent many days in the doctors office struggling with severe asthma, allergies and Dyshidrotic eczema.  They were unable to find any sustainable relief for her conditions until she was 15.

Her career in the medical field began as a surgery coordinator in an ophthalmology office in her early 20's. Over the course of her career, she had roles as everything from front desk to provider.

She left the medical field to pursue personal development, develop her natural spiritual gifts and begin her Spiritual healing and authenticity coaching practice. 

 She has been the patient, staff and a provider.  Spiral Coaching and Consulting is a blend of all of her studies and experiences. 


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I believe that:
~All change starts within,
then grows and expands to all of those around us
~Fear, has no place in medicine.
It is a place of hope, options and opportunity.
~Imposter syndrome, compassion fatigue, and burn out
can absolutely be eliminated
~That there is no reason for western, spiritual and traditional
medicine to be separated.
~As providers we are fortunate to do
what we love and to be valuable resources for our patients
~Your upgrade will not require more stress, work or time
~This transformation will be profound, but it does not need to be difficult or hard. It gets to be fun, freeing, and deeply comfortable

I A.I.M. to bring Authenticity back Into Medicine

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The Healer's healer. Highly Intuitive, Coach and Consultant, marinda nelson, brings 18+ years in the medical field and 8+ years as a spiritual practitioner and personal coach together to help doctors and providers be the caring and compassionate providers they want to be, have the fun and fulfilling careers they desire and the pleasurable, prosperous and profitable practices they dream of. 

"I did this work in many different roles in my medical career.  I left knowing I wanted more impact, I wanted to help other providers do what I had done.  I increased staff and patient satisfaction, had a great time doing it, and did it more efficiently than those around me.  Also, as a bonus, the practice's bottom line seemed to improve dramatically. 

What I didn't know, at the time, was how to teach what I was doing. It seemed simple and natural to me.  In spiritual Practice and personal development, I upgraded and trained my natural abilities.  Then, I developed ways to teach it. "


Working with Marinda, includes both the Core concept mindset shifts, and the tangible practical application.  

"It is through our personal mindset shifts, that our actions and relationships shift.  This is a calm, confident and deeply comfortable shift with in.  As those shifts occur, those around us naturally begin to shift as well. "

"I spent many hours as an ill child and through my life in a medical office as a patient.  Then 18 years as a staff member and provider, working with multiple doctors and providers in multiple and varied settings."


"I know that 1 provider at a time, this way of practicing medicine and healing will expand. and we can improve the healthcare experience for every one involved.  It starts with you. "

NCLE Contact lens Certification

State of CO Phlebotomy Certification 

American Heart Association Infusion Certification  

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant 

HIPAA compliance 

Master level reiki

Certified Facilitator Warrior Goddess Training

Shamanic journey practitioner

Energetic healer

Accomplishments/ Results

- Refractive Cataract practice in 2005 - 1st year offering refractive procedures and technology ($200-$2000) resulted in an additional $90,000 for practice, while increasing surgery schedule by 30% and decreasing provider stress. 

- Trauma/legal corneal practice in 2008 - added additional services, increased cash upgrade offerings

     - took 3 people to replace the work I was doing 

- Helped doctor own his value. increased refractive cataract surgery practice.  Found a missing modifier, that when rebilled, resulted in an additional $250,000 for the practice.

- #1 recruiter on multiple ophthalmology and movement disorder clinical research studies

- Double Contact lens department revenue in less than 1 year and maintained an upward trajectory, with less work for providers. Increased other cash treatment offerings. Also, Increased patient satisfaction and staff moral. 

- ... and many more... 

Prepared Presentations /Work Shops include

- Expand Beyond Imposter Syndrome to confidently and comfortably excel in your position

- Expand Beyond Burn out to be the caring and compassionate provider you want to be

- Expand beyond boss bitch to light leadership - empower and unify your team's momentum  toward your vision with more fun and rapid results

- Expand Beyond sales pitches to confidently and comfortably offer your premium services

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