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"Innovativeprovider wellness and self care"​

From the Healer's healer
~Marinda Nelson

It's all here.

On your time.

Relationships, Energetics and personal expression. 

Create a new foundation

with the mindset and

personal belief upgrades available,

to build empowered and authentic relationships,

feel supported in systems and structures.

truly be the caring and compassionate provider you want to be.  

Have the Fun and Fulfilling Career You Desire!

Welcome to The Core Collection!


I am Marinda Nelson, The Healer's Healer - Soul Coach and Healthcare Consultant


I first want to Congratulate you, on saying yes to you and committing to your vision.  You know it can be different from what you are seeing now, and accept responsibility for your wellbeing and experiences. You know that it starts with you and you are taking the actions to do something about it.



This won’t be like any other professional program you have ever taken, or like any other wellness, personal development or spiritual program either. 


It is a blend of all 3.  


Instead of peeling back the layers one by one, we are going straight to the core. 


I knew for years that I was doing something different, but it took me years to figure out how to explain it.  It wasn’t a tips and tricks list, and you all don’t need more ‘best practices’ to try to remember.  


These are the core mindset and belief upgrades that are available to completely shift from stressed and burning out to being the caring and compassionate provider you want to be and having the fun and fulfilling career you desire. 


The Core Collection isn’t simply a video series, where you are left on your own, throughout Core, I support you with 3 individual Coaching Sessions to personalize the Core concepts, to clarify them and to help you with application in your life.  


Register now to begin…

The Core Collection begins with Foundations of an Empowered and Authentic Relationship -  make ‘miraculous’ (client's words, not mine) shifts in every relationship around you - your colleagues, staff, your patients, your role as a doctor/provider, family member, and friends -

but most importantly, your relationship with you. 

I now gift this program to every provider! 

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Foundations of an Empowered and Authentic Relationship will change your life forever. Relationships are at the Core of everything that you do. This is the foundation, upon which the career, life and every experience you desire to create, is built. 


Next, is Lux.  Lux, the unit of illuminance, the measurement of light. This is a complete discussion of the energetic shift from constricted and stuck, to being supported by systems and structures.  So often, I see this being taught incompletely or with distortion. Potent. Potent. Really grasp this, and eliminate the frustration and burnout so often experienced in today’s medical industry. 


Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is Say YES to YOU.  Once you learn to build empowered and authentic relationships, and know how incredibly supported you are, you can really lean into truly being your most authentic self.  Be cherished, loved and respected for ALL of who YOU are. 


Confidently and comfortably be the provider YOU want to be. Have the fun and fulfilling career you desire.  

It is possible.  It is true, you aren’t seeing it done yet, despite searching for it.  It is meant for you to create.  Starting in your Core, and then letting it grow and expand to those around you. 


It is potent and powerful information. Take your time with it. Give yourself the space to absorb, question and apply it.  Some of it will be triggering.  This is a good thing, it is an opportunity to see which beliefs and ideas it is time to let go or time to nurture. Observe.  Write things down.  Journal.  Allow things to spin in your mind.  You don’t need to figure it all out right away.  Give yourself gift of ‘the space between.’  Where the old is released and the new hasn’t quite come in yet. This is where the ‘magic’ happens. 


You have 3 individual sessions with me, to support you during this transformation. I will help you clarify, release personal beliefs that no longer work for you, and apply this information in the ‘real world.’ 


You are the caring and compassionate resource I, my family and friends, my community and those around me are looking for.  I love supporting you through this transformation. 


One by one we will transform the healthcare system from the inside out. 


Welcome to The Core Collection

The Core collection


Foundations of a Empowered & Authentic Relationships

(a Gift valued at $688) 



Say Yes to YOU


3 Personal Sessions with Marinda


All for only


(Save $2064)

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