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Lead Comfortably and confidently to Empower and Unify your team  to create the practice you dream of, that is fun and fulfilling, prosperous and profitable.  

"Light Leadershipis the mostcomprehensive healthcare leadershipprogram available."

Next Circle begins October 7, 2024

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This program is for you,

if you are a healthcare provider

  • You are caring and compassionate and truly want to help your patients.

  • That wants to empower and unite their team to have even more fun, serve patients on even deeper levels, and get there even more quickly

  • That wants to feel confident and deeply comfortable as a leader

  • That believes it is possible to eliminate imposter syndrome, compassion fatigue and burn out - even if you haven’t seen it done yet. 

  • That doesn’t need hand holding, but to see the upgraded core truths and concepts, mindsets and personal beliefs that are available, then is ready to implement them your practice and bring your dream into being. 

  • That is willing to invest into themselves and their practice to do it with less effort, time, and stress

  • You know there is more possible for you and your practice.


You can be a surgeon, a Nurse Practitioner, a physical therapist, a dentist, an optometrist, any type of healthcare provider. 


It doesn’t matter how long you have been a provider, how large or small the practice is, what the revenue of your practice is, private or corporately housed practice, or what your specialty is.  This work is relevant at all levels. 

Even after years of personal development, after working with Marinda, I had 60% more clarity, and 90% less searching for answers.  The remaining clarity, I knew those answers were within me and I was confident I could access them.  ~ Erica K

After working with Marinda, I had 'miraculous' shifts in every one of my relationships, but most importantly my relationship with myself ~ Eileen C.

Message me to be added to the list to know when early bird application opens

In Light Leadership, I help you uncover and clarify what you love. Then, we work together to develop it into a vision you are able to create in your reality. 


I help you release the fear of “what will they think,” or “I can't do that because (insert your current limiting belief here).” You get to be cherished, loved and respected for ALL that you are. 


You will see how supported you are, and learn to develop and lean into systems and structures to feel even more supported and do it in a way that is deeply fulfilling for you (and your staff).  Create and lead that pleasurable,  prosperous and profitable practice you dream of, in a way you are deeply comfortable and confident with.

What is Light Leadership?

It is a comprehensive leadership program, delivered over 4 months.   Start with the Core mindset and personal beliefs as video content that you can view in your own time.  Next, in an intimate group, or Circle, dive more deeply into discussion, workshop and mastermind implementation.  This is where the concept and belief really becomes tangible and practical application. Then, in personal coaching sessions with Marinda, see any places where personal beliefs are still limiting you.  Develop and lead your dream practice with confidence, conviction and deep internal comfort. 


Do precisely what you love. Not years down the road, begin now. 

apply today.


Message me to be added to the list to know when early bird application opens

I love supporting you as you create the caring and compassionate practice you want to have.  I love supporting you and your staff in your fun and fulfilling careers. I love supporting you as you lead and develop the pleasurable, prosperous and profitable practice you dream of. 


Your patients are ready and waiting for you and your practice to be the resources they are looking for on their health journey. 


Message me with questions or to support you through the application process. 

marinda helped us so much!  She helped us see and be confident in options we hadn't even imagined before. ~ Mary T.

IT worked!  Even in our small town practice, we were able to truly listen to and help our patients, and as a team increase our revenue by 100% in less than 1 year!! Jennifer H.

We did it!! We began offering a new procedure that I have been wanting to do for years!  We developed the protocols with the team.  Every one is having so much fun.  The patients are thrilled with the results.  A bonus, we made an extra $100,000 in revenue!!  Thank you! -

Update!!  I just got asked to speak at conference about how we did it!! ~ Michael M. 

Message me to be added to the list to know when early bird application opens

"You hold a unique position in medicine.  In healthcare, you have the power to change the world. For the patients you see, yes, and also every person they interact with.


Think of how many people’s lives you influence in a day.

From eliminating the bunions pain that distracts the world’s next peace creating foreign dignitary, to relieving the symptoms of an underactive thyroid of the mom raising the next, very active, beloved local music teacher, to improving the vision of the local wedding photographer, to fixing the heart of the silent philanthropist that funds wildlife programs, we are privileged to play a part, to be a resource, on each of their journey.

You developed your craft, practiced your skill, and gathered the knowledge to become a valuable resource for so many. You impact each one, and the world through them, in such profound ways.

You can be the caring and compassionate provider you want to be, and have the fun and fulfilling career you desire, and you can lead the way for change.

It doesn’t have to be more work or that you burn out carrying even more weight, but you do need to build a new foundation of personal beliefs and an upleveled mindset, improve your relationships and eliminate any remaining imposter syndrome.

You have the power to change the world 1 patient at a time.

I am here to support you.


Light Leadership is the program I created to help you build that new foundation, to show you the mindset upgrades and relationship upgrades and leadership upgrades that are available to make sure your team is empowered and unified in bringing your vision, your way of being that amazing provider, into being."

Further Details

Light Leadership an accelerated intensive 4 month program that includes video series to introduce the core concepts, and Circle (Group) sessions to dive deep and mastermind the core concepts alongside personal coaching sessions to ask personal questions and upgrade personal mindset and core beliefs.

The video series allow you to absorb core concepts on your time.  Each series begins with introducing you to the core concepts, the getting more clear and more tangible as the series progress. 

 The 6 Circle sessions are intimate and highly curated to facilitate meaningful conversation, develop quality connections and to ensure you don't get left behind and you aren't bored senseless. You will expand upon and deepen into the concepts introduced in the video series, answer questions, and discuss and workshop tangible application of the covered material

The program includes 6 personal coaching sessions, not 5 or 10 minutes individual coaching in the group sessions, but full personal sessions. The personal coaching sessions, with highly intuitive Marinda, are a potent space where she supports you in seeing personal mindset or beliefs that you wish to shift and empowering you to clarify, your vision of the practice you dream of.  Then develop and confidently and comfortably lead that practice. 


$12,000 investment

Can be paid in full (preferred) 

Or split into payments -

50%  ($6000) due upon acceptance to Circle

then 3 monthly payments of $2200. 

Group and personal sessions will be held via Zoom. 

 Contact Marinda directly with any further questions or

to apply click the button below

Message me to be added to the list to know when early bird application opens

Message me to be added to the list to know when early bird application opens

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