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Soul Comfortable

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Soul comfortable

Business Facebook Group

interact directly with marinda -

ask questions, receive clarification.  collaborate and network

with other Soul Comfortable leaders bringing their  art, message, craft and work into the world

LIve interactive trainings  -


The Wolf Series -

Lessons and Liberations

2-4 times per month

Soul Sessions -

Monthly Spiritual practice to gain clarity and momentum 

Other trainings as I am inspired 

All of this 

My gift to YOU!!

I love love seeing

your incredible impact 

in the world

Connected Golden Spheres_edited.jpg

Soul Comfortable

Arc 1 ~ Clarity

Arc 2 ~ be at Peace in ALL of who you are

Arc 3 ~ Be confident in Every relationship starting with you

Arc 4 ~ Create play and profit with a deep understanding of energetics

Arc 5 ~ Live and Create from your Soul Comfortable Truth

Arc 6 ~ Enjoy the pleasure of living in your 

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