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In person workshops, designed for high achieving professionals with Soul Coach and Healthcare Consultant Marinda

infinite possibilities are available .

You have a vision.

A way that only you can imagine it being done.

In order to commit to it, to bring it into being, you need to believe it is possible. 

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You are the ones that care enough to make the difference., to do it in a different way.

I love supporting you in finding your confidence and clarity.  

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"When you are so focused on the constrictions, you miss all of the possibilities"

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Up Coming Expand Beyond Workshops

Expand Beyond 
Imposter Syndrome
be Confid
ent and Comfortable
in your current or future
role or position

January 25, 2024 @ 6:30pm

Find clarity for the questions

~What would the role or position need to entail for you to be

the perfect person?

~What 2 truths are required to feel confident and comfortable in your role or position?

~ What 3 constrictions do you get to expand beyond to actively participate in creating work that is fun and fulling and a life that is deeply comfortable and pleasurable?

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Marinda hosts a small group, very interactive workshop. Be prepared to network, collaborate and support fellow local professionals. Also, bring a journal/note taking device, as there will be personal reflection prompts and time. You will want to take notes.  This is an accelerated sharing of a lot of information very quickly. 

Who is Marinda?  

Why is she the perfect person to lead this Expand Beyond Imposter Syndrome workshop?

During her 18 years in the medical field, she proved it is possible to be the caring and compassionate provider she wanted to be. Then, during her 8 years as a Life Coach and Spiritual teacher, she dove into heart centered entrepreneur studies, deep spiritual practice, specializing in empowerment, personal development and authenticity. Now she weaves these practices together to support doctors and healthcare providers, be the practitioners they want to be.  After a recent personal health care experience, she has dedicated her time, teaching, and support to 'transform healthcare from the inside out,' focusing here in her beloved Las Cruces, NM.

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